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  1. Cot death (SIDS)

    Find out about cot death (SIDS), how it may be caused and how to prevent it. 
  2. Reducing the Risk of Cot Death | Health | Patient UK

    Reducing the Risk of Cot Death - The cause of cot death is not known. However, you can reduce the risk of cot death by the measures detailed below. Protect your baby with safe equipment. › UK Pushchairs
  3. What is Cot Death? - Cot Death is a term frequently heard in the news and is often quoted as a cause of death when babies die unexpectedly. 
  4. Cot death: how to reduce the risk - Live Well - NHS Choices

    Ways to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), or cot death, including sleeping position, bedclothes, smoking risks and temperature. 
  5. Scottish Cot Death Trust | Home

    I want to breastfeed my baby in my bed during the night, but I am worried about the risks ofcot death. What advice can you give me? ... 
  6. Reduce the risk of cot death (2009 edition) : Department of Health ...

    16 Mar 2009 ... This leaflet provides advice to parents on how to reduce the risk of cot death. Since parents and carers have been following the risk ... › Home › Publications 
  7. Cot death and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) | Bupa UK

    Bupa health factsheet - Cot death, or sudden unexpected death of an infant (SUDI), is the sudden and unexpected death of a baby under two. 
  8. Scientists closer to unearthing mysteries of cot death - Telegraph

    31 Mar 2011 ... Cot deaths could be caused by abnormalities in the brain that stop babies breathing when they choke, a study suggests.

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